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Develop the mind through letting go of tension and purposeful cultivation of joy and happiness which naturally results in awareness.

Register Now 2021 Online Retreats

Following two online retreats in November 2020, we are opening up registrations for upcoming online retreats in January 2021. We are still finalizing details in terms of dates (tentatively Jan-19 to Jan-28), format, and maximum number of attendees. What is clear: it is online, fruitful, with lots of smiling

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“The online retreat provided by Suttavada foundation has been appreciated as a true gem for what it offered. It was an honor to be guided along the different teachings of the Buddha under Delson’s deep kindness and erudition of the Dhamma. The self paced schedule allowed flexibility in the practice and was balanced out with regular enlightening interviews and Q&As bringing live interactions to clarify certain points and deepen understanding. Highly recommended, With metta.”

S.L. Participant Online Retreat Nov-3

“This retreat was absolutely perfect! Delson is kind, patient, extremely well rooted in the Dhamma and has very practical suggestions, as well as thorough explanations about the deepest teachings of the Buddha. I can’t recommend a retreat like this highly enough, as it was also very well and thoughtfully organized by the Suttavada Foundation!”

S.Z. Participant Online Retreat Nov-3

Thank you so much for such a wonderful retreat! It was (and still is) a life changing experience. I never before got such clear explanations and such sensitive support. Delson is a profound teacher and your organization is wonderful. I would be honoured to contribute to the Suttavada Foundation and Delson, and I will contribute in the future as much as I will be able to. I will definitely keep in touch and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a live retreat next year. Thank you also for all the available material and the Dhamma talks.”

N.M Participant Online Retreat Nov-3

Our Activities

Support Monastics, Monastreries and Meditation centers

Publish Dhamma Talks

Meditation Retreats

We are organizing meditation retreats based on the early Buddhist suttas. They are centered around the 6R (Relax/Release), the 3 characteristics, 4 foundations of mindfullness and lead to peace and wisdom

Nelson, BC, Canada

 Bhante Ānanda is a Buddhist monk based in Nelson, BC, Canada. He is teaching multiple retreats in and around Nelson and we’re planning for retreats in the Netherlands in 2021. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We will organize a number of weekend retreats in Phnom Penh in 2020, followed by longer 10-day retreats in 2021 (assuming international travel is possible without need for quarentine). Retreats will be guided by an advanced student of Bhante Vimalaramsi

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Netherlands and rest of Europe

Once COVID-19 situation allows for international travels without restrictions, we’re planning for a number of retreats (weekends and longer ones) in the Netherlands. We’ll keep this page updated once more information is available

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Weekly Dhamma Talk with Delson Armstrong

Each week a sutta will be covered with topics like dependant origination, beautiful friendship, the four noble truths and other aspects of early Buddhism.

All are welcome, opportunity for live Q&A. List of talks to-date can be found on this page Date: every Sunday, 18:00 Phnom Penh, GMT+7 starting Oct 4, 2020 Location:   Online Zoom Talk, Meeting ID: 838 0589 5805 Passcode: dhamma You can connect using your Zoom client or connect via More Info YoutubePodcasts

“The Dhamma is for free. At all times. For everybody. The Suttavāda Foundation is entirely commited to this. Delson is dedicating his life to the Dhamma. He is either teaching retreats online or physically or he is sharing his profound understanding of the path somewhere on the globe. Delson lives by the Dhamma, he does not ask for money. But of course, some things need to be provided for him to live: Food, shelter, clothing. Same as monks. Please help us in supporting him and take this  incomparable opportunity to practice a very special kind of generosity and goodness. We are deeply and forever grateful to your magnanimous hearts. Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu.

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Sutta Translations

Selected set of new sutta translations by Ānanda from the original Pāli, with carefully choosen words and extensive footnotes.

Other Sutta Translations

Ānāpānassati Sutta MN 118 The Breath as a Reminder

Here, we find a sublime sequence on how to develop the mind through letting go of tension and the purposeful cultivation of joy and happiness which naturally results in awareness.


Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta DN 22 The Great Discourse on the Resting Places of Awareness

A discourse on how to ‘apply this meditation instruction and how to live’ (Viharati) with wise awareness and  look at reality and relate to it in a wise manner, in all situations. It ends with an exposition of the eight-spoked path as the conditioned process of life.

DN22 Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta

Bhikkhunupassaya Sutta SN V 47.10 Discourse at The Nun’s Residence

A beautiful sutta on the four resting places of awareness, resulting into wonderful progress with mind naturally becoming collected

SN-V-47.10 Bhikkhunupassaya Sutta At the Nuns Residence
Kuti Project for Bhante Ananda

A Canadian couple has acted in a very wholesome and skillfull way and has initially bought a small home, “a kuti” for Bhante Ānanda to dwell in. We are in the process of setting up a Canadian Suttavada Foundation, which is planned to eventually “own” the Kuti by using donations to buy it. You can already make donations locally in CAD for this purpose.

Un couple canadien a agi de manière très saine et habile et a initialement acheté une petite maison, «un kuti» pour que Bhante Ānanda y habite. posséder “le Kuti en utilisant des dons pour l’acheter. Vous pouvez déjà faire des dons localement en CAD à cet effet. Donate directly to Canadian Suttavada Foundation

Offer a meal to Bhante Ānanda

A local restaurant has kindly offered the opportunity to offer a daily meal to Bhante Ānanda. With a monk eating a single meal a day, this is quite an important meal

You have the opportunity to donate a meal for CAD50, which includes the preparation using fresh ingredients and the delivery to his kuti

Suttavada Foundation

The Suttavada Foundation is based in the Netherlands and its aim is to support the practice of the early Buddhist Teachings.

Open Heart

A Beginning Guide for Boundless Love Meditation

Boundless Love meditation, as taught by the Buddha in the early Buddhist texts (Suttas) is particularly special. Mettā was perhaps the foremost meditation subject taught by the Buddha himself, especially to people beginning on the path to awakening for many valuable reasons. He in fact called this practice, Mettā-cetovimutti: ‘The liberation of the Heart by Love.’ This was not only a kind of sitting meditation practice but a way of life also called Mettā-bhāvanā; ‘The cultivation of Love.’ Download pdf


Short (5-10 minutes) interviews with Delson Armstrong on various deeper and subtle topics of the Dhamma

Dana – Gifts

Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu!

Sādhu literally means “a wise person”, and is often translated as “well done”, “thank you”, “well said” or “wise words”. This is often said of people who support the dhamma and the sangha of monks and nuns on their path to the good and to wisdom. As the ones who support the good and wisdom, share in the merit of this good and wisdom.  And the ones who give are wise, as they know and directly experience the results of their good ations. Gift can be done for the foundation in general or to a specific project. We support donations using Paypal (to –  or direct bank transfer. Read on

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You’re welcome to get in touch. Feel free to ask questions about retreats, volunteering, books, and the Dhamma itself.