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Based on the
Original Suttas


» Pre-ordering “A Mind Without Craving” is now possible. Learn more about it here.


» 10-day Easter Retreat in California, with Delson Armstrong. Learn more about it here.


» Online Retreats for October and November with Delson and Syl, see here.


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Introduction to Practice

This video is part of our free 10-day video course 

Our Offerings

Join our weekly Saturday Dhamma Talks

Learn more about the Suttas every week with a live dhamma talk by Delson Armstrong. Each week a new Sutta is covered and there is time for an open Q&A afterwards.


Time: 19:00 Cambodia Saturday’s (Automatic time converter).


Click here for joining information 🡢 

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Also live streamed on our Youtube Channel!

Dhamma talks returning on September 10th

Suttavda Foundation - Guided Online and Physical Retreats, Meditations, Dhamma and Metta

The wheel represents the Noble Eightfold Path

Online Retreats -

Deepen your practice

Our 10-day online retreats are organized with daily one-on-one interviews with the teacher, and three group meditation sessions followed by a Q&A where you can ask extra questions about your practice.


Learn more about our online retreats 🡢 

Planned retreats

Registrations are now Open

Physical Retreats around the Globe

We are currently looking towards organizing a weekend retreat in November (12 -16th), followed by a number of retreats around the world in 2022.


We are open to organizing retreats with you in any country, contact us for more details.


Check out our physical retreat schedule here → 

Registrations are now Open

Contact us any time

Don’t hesistate to contact us if any question arises, be it about your own practice, retreat info, courses, or any other inquiry. We usually answer quickly!


For website ideas, suggestions or related, send us an email to: . We are a small community, so any ideas or suggestions are well received.