Suttavāda Foundation

Guided and self-guided Retreats (online and physical), Video Series, Dhamma talks, Sangha and Community Support

Based on the
Original Suttas

Suttavāda Foundation is a small community-run non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the practice of the early Buddha teachings as documented in the suttas.


We organize online retreats (teacher guided and self-guided), dhamma talks and whenever possible we will look into options for physical retreats


All activities and material are open to all and free to all. There are dana options for supporting livelihood of teachers. Whilst completely online and run by volunteers, there are limited funds the foundation needs itself.


Suttavāda Foundation (dutch foundation members here)  is registered and based in the Netherlands.

Weekly Saturday Dhamma live Talks


Please be invited to a weekly Dhamma Talk by Delson Armstrong. Each week a sutta will be covered and there is time for Questions and Answer. 



When: Saturday 19:00 Cambodia Time

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Where: Zoom ID 838 0589 5805, password dhamma



All talks are also live streamed to Youtube


Previous talks are available on our YouTube Channel




Please see here for more information including list of Suttas


"Insights of the Awakened Mind" 9-day Video Series

A 9-day video series, providing an introduction to the Buddha and his teaching. Upon registration just with your mail, you will receive one video a day (between approximately 10 and 30 minutes each) you can watch at your own convenience.



Topics covered include Teacher Introduction, Course Overview, The Buddha, The Wheel of Dhamma, The four noble truths, Recognizing stress, Causes of stress, Attention Rooted in Reality, The Release From Stress, The path to Release, Right Effort, Meditation Essentials, The Four Sublime States, Metta Instructions, Dealing with Distractions, Forgiveness Practice and Jhānas


Please refer to this page for more information and registration

Online Retreats

Every month a 10-day online retreat is organized with daily 1-1 interviews with the teacher and three group meditation sessions followed by one hour QA.


In order to support all time zones, monthly retreats are alternating Europe time zone friendly and North America time zone friendly, with all retreats Asia time zone friendly. 


For more Information and Registration please see here


You can also opt for a self-guided retreat here. You can receive a link to all material and you are welcome to submit any practice questions by mail

Physical Retreats


We are dedicated to organize physical retreats. With current situation around COVID-19 and related travel restrictions, no firm plans or date have been set.


Tentatively we are looking at physical retreats in the Netherlands in September 2021. Opportunity to add yourself to the Interest List will be added soon. 


If you’re interested in organizing a physical retreat with Delson Armstrong, please feel free to get in contact using the contact form below. 



For more information on physical retreats please see here 




Book Publishing

Suttavāda Foundation supports publishing dhamma related books. We are currently working on publishing “A Mind Without Craving”. The book is based on dhamma talks and daily reflections as provided by Delson Armstrong during physical and online retreats. Its aim is to shed light on the importance of the Noble Eightfold Path as well as deeper concepts such as Rebirth, Kamma (Karma), Consciousness, and Awakening. It will contain meditator experiences as well as transcripts of the daily dhamma talks. Book will be made available at no cost both online as well as in physical hardcopy format. Publication date not fixed, current idea is later this year. Donations for the book publishing are welcome

Front Cover

‘The Dhamma is
well expounded by the Blessed One,
directly visible,
inviting one to come and see,
to be personally experienced by the wise.’

Aṅguttara Nikāya 11.13

Guided Meditations

You’re invited to listen to guided meditations by Delson Armstrong. 


Find yourself a comfortable place and position and play this guided meditation on the 5 aggregates

For more guided meditations, you’re welcome to visit the Insight Meditation Timer

Dhamma Question Bank



We’ve collected a list of frequently asked questions (over a 100 and growing)  about meditation, practicing in daily life, and explanations about key concepts from the suttas. Often together with a link to the  YouTube video, where that question was asked. 

The questions come from people who did a retreat or asked a question at the end of a Dhamma talk. 

Feel free to join Dhamma talks and ask your own question there too. This section is updated regularly


Frequently Asked Questions 

Free Dhamma

“The Dhamma is free. At all times. For everybody”

Suttavāda Foundation is small and young organization supporting the dhamma practice based on the original suttas. We aim to operate as low cost as possible. With all activities happening online (and by volunteers obviously), there is cost for hosting web site and a number of paid subscriptions, such as Zoom. In near future we hope to be able to organize physical retreats, at which point more funds will be needed.

Dāna donations are welcome and will be used mainly to support Delson Armstrong’s livelihood and the printing of books (see above). With Delson dedicating his life to the Dhamma, and he lives by the Dhamma; he does not ask for money. But of course, some things need to be provided for him to live: Food, shelter, clothing. Same as monks and nuns.

Please help us support him and take this incomparable opportunity to practice an exceptional kind of generosity and goodness. We are deeply and forever grateful to your magnanimous hearts.

Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu.


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