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Hello dhamma traveler 🙂 


Please contact us with questions around the practice. As we are volunteers, allow some time (typically couple of days or upcoming weekend) to answer. We will not respond to questions around attainments, comparison with other practices or controversial topics. Thanks for your understanding. 


Note on contacting Delson

Delson is currently on self-retreat and working on a new book. Please, do not adress him directly through his personal email address or the contact form. We have experienced teachers on the team that will take all TWIM related questions. We are grateful for your understanding, thank you 🙂 

TWIM Practice Question

Hello! You can reach us at info at You’re welcome to submit questions related to the Suttas and TWIM meditation. We do not teach or answer questions about other forms of meditation, yoga, past lives, chanting etc…


 Most questions will be answered by Syl Zuhorn, an advanced student of Delson Armstrong, and a meditation guide at Dhamma Sukkha and Suttāvada Foundation. 


Delson is currently unavailable. Some frequently asked questions on the dhamma and TWIM meditation might get answered by Delson in a Q&A session. Questions about other practices, as discussed in Guru Viking interviews for instance, will not be answered, only what the Buddha teached; suffering and the end of suffering. 🙂