Suttavāda Foundation

Suttavāda Foundation is a small community-run, non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, Europe. 

It is dedicated to supporting and spreading the practice of meditation and of the early teachings of the buddhist pali canon. 

Our activities

» Organizing physical retreats across the globe with Delson Armstrong as a guide. People can also contact us if they would like to organize a retreat. We can discuss the options and have materials available that can be used as a guideline for setting up a retreat.


» Publishing of books. The first one is already available to order on Amazon. It is called A Mind Without Craving.


» Giving online retreats with one of our teachers, catered to people who prefer not to travel and to any timezone. These retreats are suitable for people that are new to the practice, and people that are advanced practitioners already.


» Dhamma talks, which we upload to our YouTube Channel. Often a sutta is being read and explained, and afterwards people can ask questions. Sometimes we also organize a Q&A session.


» We also have guided meditations available, both on our YouTube Channel and on the website.


» The foundation is completely run by volunteers, so it is currently catered for. There are dana options for supporting the livelihood of teachers, to fund future retreats, book publishing or as a general donation.


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