Suttavāda Foundation

And the Lord said to Ānanda: ‘Ānanda, it may be that you will think: “The Teacher’s instruction has ceased, now we have no teacher!” It should not be seen like this, Ānanda, for what I have taught and explained to you as Dhamma and discipline will, at my passing, be your teacher. DN 16

Proposed Suttavāda Foundation Operating Principles in which we believe (and until we find better ones 😊)

Last update: Jan 27th 2022


  1. We believe the suttas as they are available now from the suttapiṭaka are our teachings and provide a full pathway to wisdom and liberation. They will be our starting point and ultimate guide and teacher.
  1. The Suttavāda Foundation is aimed at supporting truth and wisdom seekers on their path by a wide variety of activities, content creation and interactions with a variety of groups and individuals. It aims to extend the Śāsana, the deep Dhamma and its practice, and hence outlive all of its current members and supporters.  
  1. The Suttavāda Foundation aims to be an open platform for a community of genuine wisdom seekers, dhamma teachers and volunteers. It is founded on the deepest respect to the Sangha, and it welcomes both monastics and lay followers. We are not centered around a single teacher or set of individuals and aim to contribute to something which outlives all of us. 
  1. The Dhamma is free. At all times. For everybody. Our activities are free for Suttavāda Foundation is fully dependent on dana donations and volunteer work. Though we aim to fund direct costs for physical retreats with dana as well, we accept these costs will need to be paid for by retreat participants for the foreseeable future until we have our own physical presence or sufficient funds. Scholarships will be available for seekers with limited budget.
  1. We aim to keep our structure as simple as possible and we use these principles as our way of interacting and communication externally. A physical presence in the form of a meditation center will help the community. We aim to provide a residence for temporary and permanent followers, monastics and lay. Over time center could offer additional functions such as Pali language courses and acting as a Buddhist study center.
  1. If you take care of the dhamma, the dhamma will take care of you. We believe that if we continue to practice wholesome/right/effective/harmonious actions, there can be trust the future will unfold itself in a wholesome way. Put in business terms, we believe in calculated risk taking.
  1. Suttavāda is in gratitude and dependence of the Sangha, past and present, who have protected the original teachings. As part of our gratitude and deepest respect, we aim to donate to the various Sanghas on an ongoing basis and support people in need where possible.
  1. Wholesome intentions, effective communication, and right and skillful actions will shape how Suttavāda Foundation will unfold. We do not aim for fast growth or success, and believe in natural unfolding, focus on practice and a long-term orientation, one step at a time.
  1. Technology used in the right way will be an enabler to support people on their dhamma journey and can assist in making what we offer more accessible and personable to a larger community. We will continue to seek the effective balance between automation and the human connection.
  1. Physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety for all involved are fundamental. Practices and procedures will safeguard these principles and we accept we cannot satisfy all individual wishes.
  1. Volunteers freely donate their time to Suttavāda. Their own practice remains priority, together with the balance with other responsibilities. Though we aim to serve all, we opt for quality over quantity.
  1. Choices have consequences and facts and data are respected. We believe collaboration between dhamma followers and science is beneficial for people and for sustaining the Śāsana.

The Dhamma is well expounded by the Blessed One, 

directly visible, immediate, inviting one to come and see, applicable,

to be personally experienced by the wise. AN 11.13