Beginner material

Welcome! This page is aimed at initiating and supporting your daily practice. Below are the basic materials you will need, we suggest:

  1. Watch or read the Meditation instructions to get a feel for what the practice is about
  2. Follow one of our guided meditations from Delson or Syl
  3. Watch our video course Freedom of mind
  4.  Most important of all: contact us if you have any questions about practice

After that, we recommend that you keep up with your practice and sign up for a retreat 🙂

1. Meditation Instructions

Video instructions (13 min)

Beginner’s book (50 pages)

From our friends at

2. Guided Meditations

3. Freedom of Mind 10-day course

4. Preparing for a retreat

We recommend that you enhance your daily practice with a meditation retreat. This video will provide you with all the info you need for your retreat with us. 

5. Contact us

Lastly, contact us any time if you have any questions about your practice 🙂


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