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Sunday 18:00 Cambodia Time

Zoom Meeting Link here –

Zoom Meeting ID: 838 0589 5805 – Passcode: dhamma

Will also be streamed directly to our youtube channel


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Introduction and Joining Instructions

Explore the Brahmaviharas, Dependant Origination, the four noble truths and other aspects of early Buddhism. Connect with people who share your interest with a supportive and uplifting community. Join a live talk on Zoom by Delson Armstrong. Each week a sutta will be covered and there is time for live Q&A.

Just click on the Zoom link below and your computer will open up the Zoom app. This will take you to this teaching every 

  • Sunday at 6:00 pm, GMT+7 (time in Phnom Penh)
  • Sundays 12:00 – 13:00 pm Central European Time
  • Sundays 07:00 AM New York time.

Talks will be made available on the Suttavada youtube channel afterwards. This is a free teaching. All are welcome

To join the Zoom meeting: 
Meeting Link here
Zoom Meeting ID: 838 0589 5805 – Passcode: dhamma

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2. Open the Zoom app.
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2.Tap on “Join a Meeting.”
3. Enter the meeting Meeting ID: 838 0589 5805 and your name and set audio/video permissions.
1. Tap on the meeting invite URL that the host shared via email or text, which will open the Zoom app. The app may ask for permission to use your phone’s camera.For those who can’t make it, The Dhamma Talks are made available on the Suttavada youtube channel:


Planned Suttas:

February 21 – MN 19 Two Kinds of Thought

Recounting his own experiences in developing meditation, the Buddha explains how to understand harmful and harmless thoughts, and how to go beyond thought altogether.

February 28 – MN 23 The Ant-Hill

In a curious discourse laden with evocative imagery, a deity presents a riddle to a mendicant, who seeks an answer from the Buddha.

March 7 – MN 8 Self-Effacement

The Buddha differentiates between peaceful meditation and spiritual practices that encompass the whole of life. He lists forty-four aspects, which he explains as “effacement”, the wearing away of conceit.

March 14 – MN 146 Advice from Nandaka

When asked to teach the nuns, Venerable Nandaka proceeds by inviting them to engage with his discourse and ask if there is anything that needs further explanation.

March 21 – MN 74 With Dīghanakha

Deftly outmaneuvering an extreme skeptic, the Buddha discusses the outcomes of belief and disbelief. Rather than getting stuck in abstractions, he encourages staying close to the feelings one experiences.

March 28 – MN 113 A Good Person

The Buddha explains that a truly good person does not disparage others or feel superior because of their attainment.