A Mind Without Craving


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About the Book

A Mind Without Craving is a ten-day retreat book dedicated to the understanding and practice of the Noble Eightfold Path. This book is a collection of talks, Q&A sessions, and reflections, selected from each day of the retreat, providing you with deeper exploration into the nature of reality, choice and intention, behavioral reprogramming, kamma, rebirth, consciousness, and the liberated mind.


You can use the teachings contained within as a retreat manual, walking you through each day of a self-guided retreat, as a curation of insights to be discerned and developed through your own daily practice, or as a supplement to your participation in an online/physical retreat conducted by any teacher, using this particular retreat format.


Inside, you will also find links to the videos of the talks and an extensive FAQ page for each day of the retreat. In short, it is intended to be used as a compass on your journey towards Full Awakening

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Using the foundation of the earliest Buddhist texts, and filled with authentic descriptions of higher states of meditative awarness and levels of awakening achieved by advanced practitioners, this book invites you to “come and see for yourself” and experience the bliss of total mental and emotional freedom.


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