10-day Retreat Reference Material

Below you will find reference material for each day, including the sutta, dhamma talk (including reading the sutta) related to this sutta and a link to daily reflections by the teacher

Delson is typically using Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation when reading suttas. These translations can be bought at various places (i.e. Amazon)

Links to available public translations are chosen in following order: Bhante Ānanda (BA), Bhikkhu Bodhi (BB), Bhikkhu Sujato (BS). Udana translation by Bhikkhu Ānandajoti

Note latest column indicates link to daily 30 minute QA from latest retreat. Recordings of daily QA from previous retreat can be found under the table

DaySutta ReferenceDhamma TalkReflectionsLatest daily QA
If you’re new to TWIM A guide to TWIM
Brief Loving Kindness Instructions
Instructions for Metta Meditation and 6Rs by Bhante Vimalaramsi (YouTube)
Comprehensive set of supporting materials can be found here: https://www.dhammasukha.org/support-page-for-online-retreats.html.
Day 1Effective Choice and Effective Application
SN45.8 – Vibhanga Sutta (Section on Effective Choice) – BA
SN49.1-12 – Pācīnādi Sutta (Four Effective Applications) – BS
Day 2Effective Observation
MN10 – The Satipatthana Sutta (Effective Observation of the Four Aspects of Conditioned Existence) BA (with minor word changes by Delson) and BS
SN46.35 – Yonisomanasikāra Sutta (How Proper Attention Brings About the Awakening Factors and Destroys the Hindrances) – BB
SN46.53 – Aggi Sutta (Balancing Mind with the Seven Factors) – BB
Day 3Effective Collectedness
MN111 – Anupada Sutta (Levels of Mental Collectedness) – BS
SN46.54 – Mettasahagata Sutta (Brahmaviharas and the Four Spheres) – BA
linkday3QA Day3
Day 4Effective Vision
MN9 – Sammaditthi (Effective Vision) – BB
linkday4QA Day4
Day 5The Five Aggregates
MN109 – Mahāpuṇṇamasutta (Discussion of the Five Aggregates) – BS
linkday5QA Day5
Day 6Consciousness and Rebirth
MN106 – Āneñjasappāya Sutta (Detaching Consciousness) – BA
MN106 – Āneñjasappāya Sutta (Detaching Consciousness) – BS – as read in the Dhamma Talk
SN12.39 – Dutiyacetanasutta (Intention and Rebirth) – BB
AN3.76 Pathambhava Sutta BS
AN3.77 Dutiyabhava Sutta (Fuel for Existence) – BS
Linkday6QA Day6
Day 7Kamma and Cessation
AN6.63 – Nibbhedika Sutta (Penetrating the Four Noble Truths) – BS
SN35.146 – Kammanirodha Sutta (Cessation of Kamma) – BB
AN3.74 – Nigantha Sutta (Cessation of Kamma) – BS
SN41.6 – Kamabhu Sutta (Formations and Cessation) – BS
Linkday7QA Day7
Day 8Eightfold Path of the Noble Ones
MN149 – Mahāsaḷāyatanika Sutta (The Path and Fruition) – BB
Day 9The Arahant
MN112 – Chabbisodhana Sutta (The Perspective of the Arahant) – BS
Udana 1.10 – Bahiya Sutta (Destroying Conceit) – BAn
SN28.1 – 9 – Sariputta Vagga (How An Arahant Meditates) – BS

Daily QA from 10-day online retreat Nov-3: day0, day1, day2, day3, day4, day5, day6, day7, day8, day9

If you are advised by the teacher to do ‘breaking down the barriers’, you can find instructions here