Self Guided Retreat


If you’re new to TWIM method, at minimum please read through the supporting materials below.

A guide to TWIM

Brief Loving Kindness Instructions

Instructions for Metta Meditation and 6Rs by Bhante Vimalaramsi (YouTube)

A comprehensive set of supporting materials can be found here:

Daily Schedule

The online retreat can be done alongside your normal daily living. It is totally up to you on how deeply you want to take the practice over the next 10 days (e.g. silent self-retreat). Each day, you will be provided material with a theme which will allow you to read through the suttas, supporting notes and dhamma talks. We recommend you set aside at least 4 hours each day to dedicate your time to the retreat. In terms of taking precepts, depending on your personal circumstances, you can decide to take 6 or 8 precepts.

Every Morning:

Morning Routine

Morning Routine


All sessions should be a minimum of 30min. Remember to keep a smile!

Morning/ Afternoon:

  1. Recite precepts as part of morning routine
  2. Reading Sutta, Explanation Notes and Dhamma Talk on the topic
  3. Meditate


  1. Mediate

Retreat Daily Themes and Dhamma Talks

This retreat is using the Brahmaviharas as one’s object of meditation, with a sutta-based reflection on the fundamentals of the Dhamma that guide one to Nibbana, namely –

  • The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (or Effective Observation of the Four Aspects of Conditioned Existence)
  • The Five Aggregates
  • The Three Characteristics
  • The Four Noble Truths
  • The Seven Factors of Awakening
  • The Eightfold Path of the Noble Ones
  • The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination
  • Kamma, Consciousness and Rebirth

The suttas and themes that will be explored for each Dhamma talk are as per follows – details will be shared one day prior to the retreat start

Day 1 – Effective Choice and Effective Application

Day 2 – Effective Observation

Day 3 – Effective Collectedness

Day 4 – Effective Vision

Day 5 – The Five Aggregates

Day 6 – Consciousness and Rebirth

Day 7 – Kamma and Cessation

Day 8 – Eightfold Path of the Noble Ones

Day 9 – The Arahant

General Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Please keep your 5 or 8 precepts (taking virtues) strictly while you are on retreat. We recommend you recite them daily in the morning.
  • We recommend no ‘general interest’ readings while you’re on the retreat, other than the retreat daily reflection materials.
  • Avoid listening to music or consuming any entertainments.
  • We recommend you observe quietness and do not talk unless it is a necessary communication.
  • Please don’t cross your arms or legs while listening to a Dhamma talk. This is a closed thinking position, you cannot retain the information while receiving it in this position.
  • You may sit in the chairs while listening to talks or meditating. There is no “magic” in the floor. Chairs are good for long sits.
  • Do not use timers. If your sitting is going well, sit longer. You can open your eyes to check the clock occasionally.
  • Don’t mix practices. This confuses the mind and slows down your progress.
  • Always sit for at least 30 min and walk 15 minutes to 45 min -longer walking periods will tire you out.
  • Please let us know whether you are maintaining a Bodhisattva vow as it may affect your meditation. Video here.