Following a number of weekend retreats in Phnom Penh in 2020, we are looking forward scheduling physical retreats guided by Delson Armstrong. Due to current COVID-19 situation and uncertainties, there are currently no physical retreats planned yet. On this page we will update you on tentative schedule, provide information if you’re interested to organize a retreat yourself and offer the opportunity to put yourself on the waiting list.

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Nov 12 – Nov 15 weekend retreat in the Netherlands now open for registration

General Information


General Information for all physical retreats 

Audience: Accessible to any serious dhamma practisioner (daily meditator)

Experience: Serious beginners welcome. Preferably Module 1 completed and/or 1-year experience with TWIM or similar practice 

Duration: can be flexible, we are looking into long weekend retreats (Thursday-Monday), 10-day retreats and potentially longer retreats.  

Type: noble silence throughout the full retreat, daily live evening dhamma talks and QA. No mobile phones or reading other than what the teacher indicates. 

Teacher Interaction: daily (or once every 2 days depending on group size) 15 minute personal interview

Recommended Minimum Meditation Time: As much as possible 😉 Minimum of 6 hours daily formal meditation, plus walking meditation 
Group size: Will vary. On average 15 participants, but can be higher or lower depending on circumstances

Registration:  Given there are no dates set yet, we open for “keep me informed and waitlisted”  

Cost: Teacher’s time free and based on dana principles. Accomodation costs may need to be booked seperately.   

About Physical Retreats

A physical retreat is a unique opportunity to deepen your practice. It is formulated for anyone desirous of deepening their understanding of the Dhamma, the Teaching of the Buddha, at its very root, as preserved in the original discourses of the Buddha (the Suttas).


This retreat is a progressive approach to what the Buddha called ‘Bhāvanā’ or Wholesome Mental Development. Cultivating the Higher Mind (Adhicitta) directly correlates to happiness here and now. Meditators will be guided on a journey to understand what the Buddha awoke to on his own path to happiness.

This means the threefold training in:

  • Virtue (Sīla),
  • Collected Mental Harmony (Samādhi)
  • Discernment (Pañña)

What you will learn from the retreat:

  • Loving Kindness Meditation (Mettā) & the Brahma Vihāras
  • The nature of mental states and wholesome mental development
  • The essential role of Virtue and Generosity on the path to happiness.
  • Collectedness of mind through Joy and Letting go. (Sammā Samādhi)
  • The Four Steps of Effective Application (Sammā Vāyāma)
  • The Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca) in actual practice
  • The Seven Factors of Awakening.
  • The Eight-fold Path of the Noble Ones (Ariyo Aṭṭhaṅgiko Maggo)
  • Effective Observation: Learning to see how the mind’s attention moves when observing  four foundations of mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhāna)
  • Effective Collectedness: See and understand that effectively observing one’s object of meditation and keeping that observation collected leads the mind to Release
  • The experience of Release & Nibbāna here and now


Program Schedule and Requirements

*** Meditator Prerequisites for a physical retreat

  • You have completed Module 1 
  • You have a minimal 1 year of self-guided TWIM practice or 10 days meditation retreat
  • No distractions (yes – you will hand in your mobile 😉 )
  • you have a daily practice of meditation, and most importantly
  • you come with a smile, can dedicate yourself completely to the practice for the duration of the retreat 
Typical Daily Schedule
  • 5:30 am            Wake up
  • 6:00 am            Morning Meditation together and Taking 8 Precepts
  • 7:30 am            Breakfast
  • 8:30 am            Meditation
  • 11:00 am          Lunch
  • 12:00 pm          Rest/Walking Meditation
  • 1:00 pm            Meditation
  • 7:00 pm            Dhamma Talk & Reading reflections
  • 8:30 pm            Meditation
  • 10:00 pm          Rest or personal practice.
Meditation Group

Tentative Schedule



November Friday 12 – Monday 15: long weekend retreat in the Netherlands (registration below)


2022 (registration will open once dates are confirmed)

February: India

March/April/May: US

June/July: Kyrgyzstan & Russia


Registration for
Netherlands long weekend retreat Nov 12 - Nov 15 now open

Registration Link to available retreats for registration