Physical Retreats

Dates & Locations



November 12 – 15: long weekend retreat in the Netherlands – Confirmed (register here).



28th Feb – 6 Mar: 10-day Retreat in Belgium with Delson Armstrong – Registration not available yet.



21st May – 30th May: 10-day Retreat in Kyrgistan with Delson Armstrong & Oleg Pavlov. Register here.



4th June – 13th June: 10-day Retreat in Kyrgistan with Delson Armstrong & Oleg Pavlov. Register here.



Tentative schedule for 2022:

March: Mexico

April: US

May: Netherlands

June/July: Kyrgyzstan

September: India

What you will learn


♦ Develop all Jhanas through the [4] Brahmaviharas – Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Uppekha -.


♦ Understand the 4 steps of effective application (Right effort – 6R’s).


♦ Learn to balance the 7 factors of awakening during the highest stages of meditation.


♦ Experience Release & Nibbana in the here and now.

Noble Eightfold Path

♦ Understand the essential role of Virtue and Generosity on the path to happiness.


♦ Develop Right View as taught in the earliest Suttas.


♦ Learn how to practice the eightfold path as a whole in daily life.

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Meditation Group

Daily Schedule and General Information

Daily Schedule

› 5:30 am            Wake up

› 6:00 am           Morning Meditation and Taking 8 Precepts

› 7:30 am            Breakfast

› 8:30 am           Meditation

› 11:00 am          Lunch

› 12:00 pm          Rest/Walking Meditation

› 1:00 pm            Meditation

› 7:00 pm            Dhamma Talk & Reading reflections

› 8:30 pm            Meditation

› 10:00 pm          Rest or personal practice.

General Information

Audience: Accessible to any serious dhamma practitioner (daily meditator).

Experience: Ideally 1 year of self-guided TWIM or 10-day meditation retreat. In any case, serious beginners are also Welcome.

Duration: Flexible, long weekend retreats (Thursday-Monday), 10-day retreats and potentially longer retreats.  

Type: noble silence throughout the full retreat, daily live evening dhamma talks and Q&A. No mobile phones or reading other than what the teacher indicates. 

Teacher Interaction: daily, 15 minutes personal interview. 

Recommended Minimum Meditation Time: As much as possible 😉 Minimum of 6 hours daily formal meditation, plus walking meditation 
› Group size: Will vary. On average 15 participants, but can be higher or lower depending on circumstances

Cost: Teacher’s time free and based on dana principles. 

Accomodation costs may need to be booked seperately.   

Contact us any time if you have any doubts, medical needs or inquiries.

About Delson and
Free Dhamma

“The Dhamma is for free. At all times. For everybody”

Delson dedicates his life to the Dhamma. He is either teaching retreats online or physically or sharing his profound understanding of the path somewhere on the globe. Delson lives by the Dhamma; he does not ask for money. But of course, some things need to be provided for him to live: Food, shelter, clothing. Same as monks.


Please help us support him and take this incomparable opportunity to practice an exceptional kind of generosity and goodness. We are deeply and forever grateful to your magnanimous hearts. Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu.


You can send dana directly via Paypal to 

Delson Armstrong