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Interview/ Q&A 



All European Retreats for Winter 2021/’22 are CANCELLED!

April 10th – 

April 20th


10 Day Retreat

Delson Armstrong

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Note: No more physical retreats planned until september 2022

General Information

Audience: Accessible to any serious dhamma practitioner (daily meditator).

Experience: Ideally 1 year of self-guided TWIM or 10-day meditation retreat. In any case, serious beginners are also Welcome.

Duration: Flexible, long weekend retreats (Thursday-Monday), 10-day retreats and potentially longer retreats.  

Type: noble silence throughout the full retreat, daily live evening dhamma talks and Q&A. No mobile phones or reading other than what the teacher indicates. 

Teacher Interaction: daily, 15 minutes personal interview. 

Recommended Minimum Meditation Time: As much as possible 😉 Minimum of 6 hours daily formal meditation, plus walking meditation 
› Group size: Will vary. On average 15 participants, but can be higher or lower depending on circumstances

Cost: We operate on donation based principles. Any cost associated with the retreats is solely for paying for lodging and food during the retreat.

Contact us any time if you have any doubts, medical needs or inquiries.