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Organizing a Physical Retreat with Delson

Upon invitation, Delson is open to guide physical retreats nearly anywhere. If you’re interested in organizing a physical retreat, you’re welcome to get in touch with us, so we can jointly work out planning, logistics and related matters. Organizing a retreat is no small undertaking, though it will provide you with a lot of merit and will help people on their path – Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Couple of guidelines:

  • Typical group size would be 15-20 meditators, in order to support daily interviews and teacher’s personal time. If situation (i.e. due to retreat facility size) for a larger or smaller group, please let us know and we can probably adjust accordingly
  • Teacher travel and lodging cost will be catered for by the retreat organization. This includes travel to and from airports and any necessary out-of-pocket expenses. Therefore it may probably be more practical and cost effective to organize 2 (or 3) consecutive retreats. This can be a combination of weekend and 10-day retreats. Please take into account teacher’s rest time
  • Delson is in good health, and can travel alone. Typically there will not be an assistant travelling with him
  • On-site retreats in a suitable location are highly preferred. Suitable locations are typically retreat centers or quiet hotels. Commuting for meditators only in exceptional circumstances
  • Two meals a day, breakfast and Lunch. Check for diet restrictions.

  • Rooms and room assignments: The facility should offer both single and double room choices.  Double occupancy rooms must have two beds. Room assignments must be same gender, men with men and women with women and no couples. Lodging for meditators can be paid for by organization or by meditators. Aim to keep costs as low as possible. 

  • Meditation hall: There must be a hall with enough comfortable chairs for participants, as well as space for those who bring floor cushions. This hall must be reserved for the entire retreat period and secluded from public access. Lights are to be on brightly during day and evening; lights may be dimmed at night but the room should not be dark. Microphone for teacher.

Contact us to organize a Retreat with Delson in your region