Online Retreats


We currently do not have online retreats for 2022. Please check for retreats with experienced TWIM teachers.


General Information

Audience: Accessible to any serious dhamma practitioner (daily meditator)

› Experience: We reccommend that retreatants have completed Module 1 of Freedom of Mind

› Type: daily dhamma talks (Youtube), reading reflections

› Teacher Interaction: 15 min Daily Interviews and 3 group meditations followed by a one-hour group QA

› Recommended Minimum Time: 2 hours daily formal meditation, plus approx. 2 hours for dhamma talks, reading and interviews/QA.

› Availability and Schedule:  every month, 10 participants. Teacher interaction times alternating Europe/Asia time zone friendly (April and June) and North America time zone friendly (May)

Registration: See below. Following initial registration, link to retreat form will be sent. Completing and returning form will complete registration process.

Cost: Free

Upcoming Schedule (TBD)




Interview Time: 

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What you will learn


♦ Develop all Jhanas through the [4] Brahmaviharas – Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Uppekha -.


♦ Understand the 4 steps of effective application (Right effort – 6R’s).


♦ Learn to balance the 7 factors of awakening during the highest stages of meditation.


♦ Experience Release & Nibbana in the here and now.

Noble Eightfold Path

♦ Understand the essential role of Virtue and Generosity on the path to happiness.


♦ Develop Right View as taught in the earliest Suttas.


♦ Learn how to practice the eightfold path as a whole in daily life.

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Daily Schedule and General Information

A week before the retreat

You will receive a welcome letter and instructions to book interviews. Please make sure your interview time slots are booked.


As you will see below, schedule has been simplified. We will be available for any doubts before and during the retreat

What happens each day?

Day 0  (Monday – any time)

› Please read the introduction pdf and watch the full Intro video

 Download the Guide to TWIM in pdf here and read it if you are new to TWIM

 You can also review all the morning precept pdf here for Day 1 – 10; you can also watch them here.

 You can also find the supporting documents here.

Day 1-9 

› Take morning precepts

› Watch the Dhamma talk videos (click here for the playlist)

› Follow the recommended schedule if time permits or meditate at your own pace.

› Interviews as Scheduled

Recommended sitting time

(not mandatory)

› 5:30 am            Wake up

› 6:00 am           Morning Meditation and Taking 8 Precepts

› 7:30 am            Breakfast

› 8:30 am           Meditation

› 11:00 am          Lunch

› 12:00 pm          Rest/Walking Meditation

› 1:00 pm            Meditation

› 7:00 pm            Dhamma Talk & Reading reflections

› 8:30 pm            Meditation

› 10:00 pm          Rest or personal practice.