Thank you for taking the time and interest to meet a dhamma teacher. We would like to provide a couple of guidelines so your interaction will be respectful and fruitful.

  1. Physical contact: please refrain from shaking hands or exchanging hugs
  1. Greeting: The traditional greeting is to have both hands held together in an attitude of prayer.
  1. Entering a room: Please be seated before starting a conversation. Stand up, in respect, when the teacher enters or leave the room. Remain standing until he is seated or has departed.
  1. Attentiveness: Please do not cross your arms or legs during the conversation. It is considered rude to point the soles of your feet at a Buddha image, monk, nun or lay teacher.
  1. Timeliness: Please be present at the scheduled starting time, and plan your questions in advance, to respect the end time.
  1. Conversation topics: Though you’re welcome to have enjoyable conversations about the dhamma and the practice, we ask you to refrain from asking potential controversial questions. As an example, this includes asking for value statements about other practices or religions, about individual attainments, or about potentially controversial topics (i.e. COVID).
  1. Presents: There is no need or expectation, but if you’re inclined for a present, a dana donation to the Suttavāda Foundation would be appreciated. Dhammācariya Sobhana lives by the dhamma, and with a donation you will help to support his livelihood. Though appreciated, physical presents are not practical during travels.