Online Retreat

A Mind Without Craving

with Delson Armstrong

“The stream of Dhamma, the stream of Dhamma, it is said.
But Bhante, what is the stream of Dhamma?"
Sāriputta: ‘It is this Eight-Spoked Path of the Ariyas.’”

Ten-day online retreat

with dhamma talk, interviews and live QA

About the Retreat

‘Mind without Craving’ is a retreat formulated for anyone desirous of taking their first step into the Dhamma, the Teaching of the Buddha, at its very root, as preserved in the original discourses of the Buddha (the Suttas).

This retreat is a progressive approach to what the Buddha called ‘Bhāvanā’ or Wholesome Mental Development. Cultivating the Higher Mind (Adhicitta) directly correlates to happiness here and now. Meditators will be guided on a journey to understand what the Buddha awoke to on his own path to happiness.

This means the threefold training in:




(Collected Mental Harmony )



What will you learn:

  • Brahma Vihāras

    Loving Kindness Meditation (Mettā) & the Brahma Vihāras

  • Wholesome mental development

    The nature of mental states and wholesome mental development

  • Path to happiness

    The essential role of Virtue and Generosity on the path to happiness

  • Sammā Samādh

    Collectedness of mind through Joy and Letting go

  • Sammā Vāyāma

    Watch the daily Q/A from the previous retreats (Optional)

  • The Four Noble Truths

    The Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca) in actual practice

  • The Seven Factors of Awakening.

    Learn and practice the seven factors of awakening.

  • The Eight-fold Path

    The Eight-fold Path of the Noble Ones (Ariyo Aṭṭhaṅgiko Maggo)

  • Effective Observation

    Learning to see how the mind's attention moves when observing four foundations of mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhāna)

  • Effective Collectedness

    See and understand that effectively observing one’s object of meditation and keeping that observation collected leads the mind to Release

  • Nibbāna

    The experience of Release & Nibbāna here and now

What you have to do:

  • Precepts

    Take morning Five or Eight Precepts

  • Dhamma Talks

    Watch daily dhamma talks videos from the list

  • Daily Reflections

    Read the teacher's daily reflection

  • Meditation

    Meditate 4 hours daily (recommended for best result)

  • Watch Q&A

    Watch the daily Q/A from the previous retreats (Optional)

  • Interviews

    Participate in interviews as scheduled

Program Schedule and Requirements​

*** Prerequisites for this course

A week before the retreat:

You will receive a welcome letter and instructions to book interviews. Please make sure your interview time slots are booked.

Day 0 (anytime)

Introduction PDF

Please read the introduction pdf.

Intro Videos

Please watch the intro videos

Guide to TWIM

Download the Guide to TWIM in pdf here and read if you are new to TWIM

Morning Precepts

You can also watch the morning precept procedure here.

Day 1 to 9

Morning Precept

Sitting and walking meditation

Daily Dhamma talk (note your time zone)

Interviews as Scheduled

Recommended schedule during the online retreat:



05:30 am

Wake up

06:00 am

Morning Meditation

07:30 am

Taking Precepts (on your own)

08:00 am


09:00 am


11:00 am


12:00 pm

Rest/Walking Meditation

01:00 pm


02:00 pm

Dhamma Talk (depending on your time zone)

04:00 pm


10:00 pm


Interviews as Scheduled

Daily 10 minutes 1-1 Interview with Teacher

Timings for upcoming Online Retreat​

Registration open for March 2023 Online Retreat guided by Delson​

About Delson and Free Dhamma​

“The Dhamma is for free. At all times. For everybody”

Delson dedicates his life to the Dhamma. He is either teaching retreats online or physically or sharing his profound understanding of the path somewhere on the globe. Delson lives by the Dhamma; he does not ask for money. But of course, some things need to be provided for him to live: Food, shelter, clothing. Same as monks.

Please help us support him and take this incomparable opportunity to practice an exceptional kind of generosity and goodness. We are deeply and forever grateful to your magnanimous hearts. Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu.

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