Module 1

Freedom of Mind Series

Video course with Delson Armstrong

Module: 1

"Insight of the Awakened Mind"

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10-day Video Course, you will receive links for all videos upon registration.
You can watch at your convenience. The links will never expire, so no need to worry if you take longer or want to re-watch 🙂

Intended audience:

Beginners and people intending to start with the TWIM meditation practice


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Cost: Free

You’re welcome to make a donation to support Delson’s livelihood

Introductory Video

Course Description

Core Principals

Delson will explain the core principles that the Buddha taught, why he taught this, and how to apply this to the practice.


Delson will talk about the meditation, how it is done, why meditating is beneficial, and what results can be expected.

Forgiveness Practice

Delson will also explain how to do a Forgiveness practice, which he learned from bhante Vimalaramsi. Here, you will learn to truly let go of unresolved trauma, grudges, or people that caused you pain at some point.
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