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6R it once and Return to the object of meditation.

 You aren’t going to eliminate the headache or tension in one go, but you can Release your attention from it.

If attention keeps returning to that tension, you are basically feeding it, making it stay or even get worse. If you leave it alone, the tension will diminish on its own. Understand that this is just a painful feeling. Use the 6R’s, but only whenever your attention gets drawn to that pain again.

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The tension is there, but you may not be able to feel it yet.  It can be quite subtle. Later you will start to recognize it, so just Release and Relax, even if you don’t really feel something. 

 Since your attention was drawn away from the meditation, you can be sure there was actually tension there. If there was no tension, you would not have been distracted.

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If you take your fist like this [makes fist] and you hold it really tight, like this, with force and then Release it, what happens?

There is that tension and discomfort, a little bit. As we see this, we notice it’s cramped, it’s actually not very pleasant, and we just let it go.

We experience here and now release, and this can be anywhere in your body. As soon as you notice there is a tension somewhere in your body, in your neck. It depends, some people are more inclined to see it more mentally, they see more distractions than the tension. They see it more as a mental contraction, for some other people it’s more bodily, everybody is a bit different.

As soon as it is seen, it’s like exhaling, letting it go. 

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