To our teacher Bhante Vimarlaramsi

Dear Bhante V,


We are writing this note with a heart, filled with both gratitude and sadness, as we bid farewell to a remarkable teacher and a compassionate Buddhist monk. Your passing on June 27 has left a profound void in our lives, but your teachings and the impact you have had on us will continue to guide and inspire us.


Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for your tireless efforts in teaching and sharing the practice of Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM). Your guidance and wisdom have touched the lives of countless students, including myself, and have transformed our understanding of the Dhamma.


Your care and compassion were evident in every interaction, and while you could be stern at times, it was always driven by a genuine desire to see us grow and deepen our practice. Your dedication to our well-being and spiritual growth was unwavering, and we are eternally grateful for the time you invested in each of us.


Each of us had a unique encounter with your teaching, and your words resonated with our hearts in different ways. You had a remarkable ability to offer profound insights that cut through the noise of everyday life, guiding us towards clarity, peace, and a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.


Your presence was a source of comfort and inspiration, and your teachings will forever remain in our hearts. The compassion, mindfulness, and wisdom you shared will continue to guide us on our journey, reminding us of the profound potential within each moment.


As we say our farewells, we hold you dear in our memories, cherishing the moments of learning and growth we shared under your guidance. You have left an indelible mark on our lives, and your legacy as a devoted teacher and compassionate monk will continue to inspire generations to come.


With heartfelt gratitude and deepest respect,


Suttavada Foundation

Dear Koen,


I am writing to you on account of the passing of Bhante Vimalaramsi. I want to send you my sincere sympathy.

Last night I listened to Delson and I am deeply impressed with what I heard. How beautiful, strong and impressive this life was, but also how plain and simple Bhante was spoken of.


I feel the warmth of the relationship between bhante and Delson, but also between Bhante and the TWIM community with David Jhonson When I first met Bhante, Sr. was there. Khema. This acquaintance was in Germany in a retreat in Pauenhof near Kevelaer.

After that, I estimate 2006 /7, Bhante came to Amsterdam for a day to see Rembrandt and to teach an evening.


From that time on, his words have been with me. I am very grateful to Bhante, although I did not understand him better until later. Now he’s gone. Yes, not physically but mentally he is fully present. I am in awe of your rich community. I am glad to have gotten to know you, and also to have been able to participate in building your community in the Netherlands. Thanks for all your generosity.


These days will be eventful days for you. I wish you resilience in everything. And for Bhante peace and peace and peace.

Dear silent greeting,


Jotika Hermsen.