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Is it okay to take different objects of meditation for sitting, in different situations?

Yes. This is development really, and one of the things that’s happened is, that it has become mostly fixed one-pointed awareness practice in many cases. This is causing problems, sometimes,…
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December 25, 2020 0

Can you explain the link between the Ānāpānasati Sutta and the 6 R’s?

That’s where it’s coming from, yes. This is how is how they were discovered, and they were put into this sequence because of the Ānāpānasati Sutta. The 6R’s are to…
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December 11, 2020 0

Is it OK to synchronize the feeling of Metta with my breathing?

No, please don’t do that. Let go of the breath completely, as this will help you to get deeper into the meditation. You observe the feeling of Loving-kindness. Later on you…
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November 24, 2020 0

I can’t seem to do the Loving-kindness / Metta meditation very well. Is it OK to go back to breath meditation?

We recommend doing Metta; it is much faster, and more pleasant than breathing meditation. Listen to bhante Vimalaramsi’s explanation: Comparing Metta with breathing meditation If you have practiced Breath or…
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November 23, 2020 0