10-Day Retreat Daily Schedule

Day 1

  • Arrival and Registration time will begin between 2-4PM. Evening 6PM opening talk will include site orientation, guidelines for retreat, basic meditation instructions. Light dinner on arrival at 5pm. No lunch.

Day 2

  • Begin Retreat. the retreat will be a silent retreat under 8 precepts, with daily interviews. This is a Metta-Vipassana Retreat.  

Day 3

  • Start daily interviews at 9AM and 2PM

Day 10 or 11 – last day of the retreat

  • The retreat will officially end after morning service, meditation and breakfast.

Indicative Daily Routine
5:00 am      Wake up (your alarm clock)
5:30 am      Taking Refuges and Precepts – Sitting 30 min  & walking 15-20 min, and repeat.
7:00 am     Breakfast -Bell
7:45 am       Sitting and walking meditation to 11am
—9:00 am       Individual Interviews with Bhante start
11:00 am   Lunch – Bell
12:30 pm     Rest and Nap – 1 hour
1:30 pm       Sitting and walking meditation
5:30  pm    Tea  time 
6:00  pm      Dhamma talk and discussion
8:00 pm       Sitting and walking meditation
10:00 pm    Bedtime


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