List of Projects

The Suttavada Foundation is currently working on the following projects

  • Printing sutta translation book by Bhante Ānanda
  • (ongoing) food offerings to Bhante Ānanda (twice a week)
    • 50 Canadian Dollar per day
    • We will send you an audio file with blessings by Bhante Ānanda for the day you are offering
  • Support to Bhante Ānanda with the 4 requisites (Koen is Bhante Ānanda’s Kappiya)
  • Support for Bhante Ānanda Kuti
  • Support for travel for Bhante Ānanda for his full ordination
  • Support for (weekend-) retreat in Cambodia by an advanced meditator and student of Bhante Vimalaramsi
    • aim is to allow meditators to attend the retreat for free, whereby retreat costs are paid for by dana to the Suttavada Foundation


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