Online Retreats with Delson Armstrong

Freedom of Mind Series

Module 1:
"Insight of the Awakened Mind"

Audience: Accessible to anyone

Availability and Schedule: Starts every Tuesday

Experience: No experience required, beginners very welcome

Type: You will receive two videos (10-15 minutes) daily

Recommended Minimum Time: 1 to 2 hours daily

Welcome to the “Insights of the Awakened Mind” module, providing a self-guided path to peace, wisdom and happiness, based on the original teachings of the Buddha. You may have come here with a variety of intentions, you may be just curious what Buddhism is, or you are looking for peace and happiness. You may have had a long spiritual journey behind you, or this may be your first encounter with the dhamma. This is not an online retreat and you can access these videos at your own pace.

Guidelines and Format

  1.  Following registration, you will receive daily links to two Youtube videos, which you watch at your own convenience. Duration ranges in between 8 and 30 minutes each video
  2. After a couple of days, you will be introduced to the meditation guidelines step-by-step, and following that you are recommended to practice meditation at least 30 minutes daily
  3. You can participate with any background and experience, it is only strongly recommended you smile as much as possible 😊
  4. You can do this next to your other daily activities
  5. Whenever questions arise, you are welcome send a mail


The following topics will be covered 


  • Teacher Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • The Buddha
  • The Wheel of Dhamma
  • The four noble truths
  • Recognizing stress
  • Causes of stress
  • Attention Rooted in Reality
  • The Release From Stress
  • The path to Release
  • Right Effort
  • Meditation Essentials
  • The Four Sublime States
  • Metta Instructions
  • Dealing with Distractions
  • Forgiveness Practice
  • Jhanas


Module starts every Tuesday. For participation with the upcoming 10-day module video series, please register using the button below


You will directly receive a mail confirmation (you might need to check your Spam Folder). First videos will be send coming Tuesday in your mailbox

Starting June 8


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Free Dhamma

“The Dhamma is for free. At all times. For everybody”
Delson dedicates his life to the Dhamma. He is either teaching retreats online or physically or sharing his profound understanding of the path somewhere on the globe. Delson lives by the Dhamma; he does not ask for money. But of course, some things need to be provided for him to live: Food, shelter, clothing. Same as monks.


Please help us support him and take this incomparable opportunity to practice an exceptional kind of generosity and goodness. We are deeply and forever grateful to your magnanimous hearts. Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu.

You can send dana directly via Paypal to  

Delson Armstrong