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Australia Physical Retreat – March 2024

February 16 - February 25


General information for retreats with Delson Armstrong https://suttavada.foundation/physical-retreats-suttavada/

Teacher: Delson Armstrong

Dates: Sat 17th February – Monday 26th February 2024


In person at

Vejjasala – Place of Healing
219 Forest Road
Wingello, NSW 2579
Ph: (02) 4884 4443

Distance from Sydney: 160km, approx. 1 hour 45 mins

SatNav coordinates: S34 42.334 E150 10.663

Vejjasala Location and Directions

Cost: $550 AUD per person including food and accomodation 

Please register using the link below to secure your spot. Please write ‘Delson retreat’ followed by your name in your bank transfer description.

Register here

Name: Metta Centre Incorporated
Account number: 699266231
BSB number: 082356

This 10-day, 9-night Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM) residential retreat will be led by Delson Armstrong.  He offers clarify in teaching meditation as described in the earliest Buddhists texts. His wise guidance is key to develop insight and compassion in meditation and extending into daily life.

Participants will be instructed and guided in the practice of tranquil wisdom insight meditation. This is the method taught by the Buddha and described in the earliest Buddhist texts. Tranquil wisdom insight meditation is ideal for beginning students or advanced meditators seeking to cultivate greater wisdom and insight.

Our retreats are neither difficult nor a test of endurance, but rather a joy-filled journey on the middle path of clarity and wisdom. Every day an instructional talk, based on early Buddhist texts from the Majjhima Nikāya, along with anecdotes from personal experience, is shared as the evening Dhamma talk.. A daily one-on-one personal teacher interview provides each participant with individualized guidance and instruction. ​The retreat program provides an integrated and supportive environment for optimizing meditation practice. Eight precepts comprising a code of moral conduct are maintained during the retreat, which is conducted in mindful silence with an emphasis on ease and lightheartedness.

About the Speaker: 

Delson is a distinguished meditation and Buddhist studies teacher leading retreats in TWIM. He dedicates his life to teaching the path to liberation through methodology laid out in the Buddhist sutras. Delson is known for his skillful guidance to the goal of liberating the mind—nirvana. His latest book; A Mind Without Craving, offers detailed exploration into the nature of reality, behavioral reprogramming, karma, rebirth, consciousness, and liberation of mind. More about Delson at www.DelsonArmstrong.info.

The retreat is ideal for anyone seeking to experience the stages of insight or jhanas as a path to liberation. Delson embodies the spirit of kindness and wisdom along with enthusiasm and sharing his insights. Beginning and experienced participants are guided to progress smoothy along the path of insight and tranquility. Advanced meditations will receive incisive guidance toward the ultimate goal of meditation.

General information for retreats with Delson Armstrong


  • Maximum number of People: 20 (plus 4 reserved for retreat volunteers)
  • Cost: $550 AUD for shared bedroom and shared bathroom facilities. Price inclusive of accommodation and food, and contribution to Delson’s airfare.
  • Note we charge in Australian Dollars
  • Deposit – 275 AUD, required for registration to be confirmed, please pay via bank transfer
  • No en-suite facility and shared bathroom for all participants

Food: Meals: The menu includes both vegetarian and vegan dishes. Gluten-free options are available. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style. Two meals are served daily at 7:30 and 12:00 noon. Hot and cold beverages including tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are available 24/7. Refrigerated food storage is available to those with special dietary needs (please inform us on the registration form)

Cancellation Policy: We please ask that if you must cancel, do so by Dec-1 2023 , so that other meditators can register with enough time to plan and reserve flights. After this date there will be no deposit refunds. Thank you.

Practice Schedule
Practice times, rest periods, and mealtimes are based on individual goals of the retreat. Participants are required to attend the morning group meditation and evening presentation by Delson and others in meditation. Of course, be prompt for personal interviews by arriving early in the waiting area outside the conference room. Self direct periods of sitting and walking meditation will be advised by the teachers baed on individual needs and interests. There is abundant indoor and outdoor practice room for practice.

FIRST DAY______________
3:00pm – 4:30pm Check in
5:00 – 6:00 Orientation by Staff
6:00 – 7:00 Dinner
7:15 – 9:00 Program Orientation by Delson/volunteers
7:45 Dharma talk – Delson

6:00 am Precepts and Group meditation Delson or volunteers
7:00 am Breakfast
9:30 am Group meditation and morning interviews
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Self-directed meditation and afternoon interviews
6:30 pm Tea Break
7:00-9:00 Dharma talk by Delson Armstrong
9:00 pm Further practice or bed

LAST DAY_______________
6:00 – 7:00 Group Meditation and Closing comments by the teachers
7:00 – 9:30 Breakfast & Socializing
10:00 Departure

Please register using the link below to secure your spot. Please write ‘Delson retreat’ followed by your name in your bank transfer description.

Register here

Name: Metta Centre Incorporated
Account number: 699266231
BSB number: 082356

Accommodation at Vejjasala
The central building at Vejjasala contains a large meditation room, catering kitchen, dining room, mixed accommodation as well as shower and toilet facilities. Many areas of the central building are wheelchair accessible and there are accessible shower and toilet facilities.

Guest Accommodation in the Main House
In the main house at Vejjasala are 3 single bedrooms and 4 twin bedrooms. One of the twin bedrooms has an accessible en suite, and two of the single bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. There are shared bathroom facilities for the other bedrooms and kutis. If you are coming to Vejjasala with a friend or carer you can request a twin room which will be provided if possible. If you require an accessible room/bathroom please indicate on the form and we will do our best to arrange this.

Vejjasala contains four kutis in various locations on the cleared grass areas (several kutis in perimeter bushland were lost in the bushfires of Jan 2020). Each kuti is sparsely furnished with a single bed, a table and a chair. Each has a small deck with a hanging space for rain jackets and storage of shoes. There is no heating, cooking or toilet facilities in the kutis. Each kuti has its own solar powered light and has two windows for cross ventilation. If staying in a kuti, you will need to walk to the main house to use the shared bathroom facilities. If this will cause you difficulty and there are no places available in the main house, please contact the retreat coordinator.

Find out more here.

Interacting with Delson and Monastics
Physical contact: Refrain from shaking hands or hugs.
Greeting: The traditional greeting is to have both hands held together in an attitude of prayer.
Entering a room: Please be seated before starting a conversation. Stand up when the teacher enters or leave the room to demonstrate respect. Remain standing until he or she is seated or has departed.
Attentiveness: Please do not cross your arms or legs during the conversation. It is considered rude to point the soles of your feet at a Buddha image, monk, nun or lay teacher.
Timeliness: Be present and seated at the scheduled starting time and plan your questions in advance, to respect the end time.
Conversation topics: Though you’re welcome to have enjoyable conversations about the dhamma and the practice,  refrain from asking personal or potential non reverent questions. As an example, this includes asking for value statements about other practices or religions, about individual attainments or about potentially controversial topics (i.e. COVID).
Generosity: Donations (dana) at the end of the retreat is gratefully accepted. Delson lives by the Dhamma. Your generosity directly supports his ability to teach. Though physical gifts appreciated, they are impractical while he travels.

Simplicity and Renunciation
Meditation retreats offer a sacred space that is protected and removed from the world. They allow participants a rare opportunity to look deeply inside, quiet the mind, and open the heart. Often the most beneficial and rewarding experiences of spiritual life happen at a meditation retreat. The sheltered and quiet setting is a key element that enables participants to develop patience, steadfastness, loving-kindness, generosity, joy, and wisdom.

These are the seeds that grow insight, compassion, and happiness. Participants are requested to let go of concerns for daily life and embrace an attitude of simplicity and renunciation by adopting a traditional spiritual practice that is called “taking what is offered.”

Taking What is Offered

  1. Taking any Residence – whatever quarters are offered. We ask participants to happily accept the accommodation assigned and continue to practice in this spirit throughout the retreat.
  2. Taking Food that is Offered – Happily accepting food that is offered is part of the practice. The cook lovingly prepares tasty and nutritious meals. Gluten-free alternatives will be available for those with medically required dietary restrictions. Participants with other special dietary needs may arrange with the retreat manager to bring supplemental food items with them to the retreat. Food items are prohibited in rooms and the meditation hall. The kitchen is restricted to St. Francis staff.
  3. Silence – In fostering an atmosphere of contemplation and meditation, participants are expected to embrace the practice of silence during the retreat. Living in silence is the practice of observing within and not communicating with others. This includes reading or writing, using telephones, computer, email, or text messages. Talking is permitted during the evening dhamma talks and teacher interviews when questions are encouraged. Inquiries about the retreat may be directed to a retreat manager or whenever necessary in the case of an emergency.
  4. Serving the Community – Participants may volunteer for community duties as a daily period of meditation in action. This activity acquaints participants and helps the retreat function move smoothly. A sign-up sheet for daily retreat jobs will be available at registration.

Please register using the link below to secure your spot. Please write ‘Delson retreat’ followed by your name in your bank transfer description.

Register here

Name: Metta Centre Incorporated
Account number: 699266231
BSB number: 082356


February 16
February 25
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