Dhamma Talks

Dhamma Talks

October 2, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Dear Dhamma Friends,

We are delighted to kick off the weekly online Dhamma talks with Delson Armstrong from this Sunday 4th October 2020. The weekly talks will take place every Sunday at 18:00 (Phnom Penh)12:00 (BST)/ 13:00 (CET)/ 07:00 (EST). Delson is an advanced student of Bhante Vimalaramsi and you can find out more about Delson here.

Each week we will explore core teachings of Buddha such as the Noble Eightfold Path, Dependent Origination, Four Noble Truths and other aspects of early Buddhism. This week talk will cover the important foundational practice, ‘A discourse on the prerequisites of right samādhi’ that emphasizes the interrelationship and mutual support of all the factors of the Eightfold Path (MN 117, The Great Forty.)’ You can find MN 117 sutta here. We hope you can all join for this wonderful opportunity.

Below is the Zoom joining instruction. Alternatively, you can find detailed joining instructions here, along with the weekly plan of suttas we’ll be exploring.

To join the meeting you can use the Direct Zoom meeting Link here

Alternatively: https://zoom.us/join

Meeting ID: 829 871 3216

Passcode: dhamma

There will be a Q&A session, after the dhamma talk and we will end with sharing merit together.

Couple of points we’d like to highlight:

  • Please keep your mic on mute during the talk and Q&A
  • You are free to choose for your video to be enabled or disabled
  • Post any questions you may have in the Zoom chat channel together with your name and if you’d like to have the question read by a moderator or if you’d like to come off mute and ask the question yourself.    
  • At the end of the talk, we will share merit together. We will have a slide up then with the text, which will be read out by a student.

In case if you miss the live session, we will post the talks on the Suttavada Foundation YouTube channel.

Suttavada Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Netherlands. We are in early stages of development (Our Website) and your support and Dana (Dana Link) will be deeply appreciated.

With metta,


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